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Thank you for choosing Sentry for your Heating and Cooling solution.  I know there are many HVAC installers you could have chosen, and I am proud that you have chosen to look at us.  At Sentry we believe “The Best way is the ONLY way”.  This includes the equipment we install, the processes we use to install it and the employees we hire and train to do so.

After being in business nearly five years, and working in the industry for 13 total, I have installed thousands of systems.  We have extensive experience in Geothermal installations, conventional gas/oil/electric installations as well as in-floor and other specialty installations.

At Sentry, we understand that there are many factors that go into investing in a new HVAC system.  We are happy to set up personal appointments to ensure that you have all of your questions answered and that you will be most satisfied with the system you choose.  At the end of day, the comfort of the environment you live in is our ultimate goal; done at a fair price and in the best way possible.

Again, thank you for choosing Sentry, and please let me know personally if there is anything I can help you with,

David Bowman

Owner, Sentry Heating & Air Conditioning